Mis suenos = odd

I really should write down my dreams sometime because I sure can come up with some crazy stuff when I sleep for about 5 minutes.. I have found that during those short naps I can really freak myself out or come up with some really weird stuff.  Too bad most of the time I forget the dreams a few minutes later.  I should force myself to get up and type and then I wouldn’t find myself falling back asleep and probably be a much more productive person.

One recent dream was that I took my orange cat in a basket to a kindergarten class and he liked all the kids… this cat does not like kids so it is weird.

I’ve had the dream when it is going to be the first day of college and I am not prepared and am running late to class to find my self in my middle school and then I wake up and realized I have already graduated from college.

My favorite dream that I can remember is from one from high school though.  I only slept for a few minutes because I remember pressing snooze… but I met my grandmother that died before I was born and she introduced me to a bunch of my relatives.  I woke up and I was so refreshed and happy. 

Yeah all a little eerie, but this is from my subconscious… so maybe this really does mean I’m weird.  Eh, dreams are pretty fun though.  Oh I have that one where your teeth falls out every once in a while… someone told me that means you are stressed… well it really freaks me out, but what a great feeling when you wake up and the teef are still hangin’ on.

Side note – I saw The Illusionist today, with Ed Norton and Paul Giammati and I must say I did enjoy the film.. of what is out there right now it is one of the better ones.  Norton is always good though.


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Dancing in the Car

When I catch someone dancing in the car I think back to Sophomore year of high school. We all had new licences; were borrowing the parents’ car.  Luckily for us, we had one friend who had her own car and had an early b-day for a sophomore.  So the six of us would pile into Heather’s 95′ Taurus with the Awe5ome license plate (we all had seatbelts because of the armrest-sized seat in the front row – which always happened to be reserved for me) and hit the suburban streets.  We came up with red light dance party that year – it’s pretty straight forward. We hit a red light, roll down all the windows, crank up the music and dance as much as we could strapped into a seat belt – to the point that the car was afflicted with its own earthquake.  

Besides the fact that we had a great time dancing to Spice girls and Miss Spears, we got some great reactions from the people around us. We had people laugh and roll down their windows, cars next to us with commuters heading home from a long day would start cracking up. We got nice little compliments from the older folk. Bottom line more people should dance in their cars (be safe about it though) because you feel good and so do the people around you. It really is one of the quickest ways to get someone out of the dumps.  I am pretty sure there isn’t a person out there that if they caught someone dancing hardcore in their car could not crack a smile. Dance people dance! I always love catching people dancing… like you are catching someone in the middle of a forbidden act… but what’s so wrong about it?    You might learn a few moves too.

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TJ Class of 2000 Newlyweds

So Jess was in town and as the night progressed the bar talk turned to high school newlyweds. So far this is what we have managed to come up with…

Heather Redding & Dave Wiemer

Shanna Hural & Gary Farmer

James Lang & Andrea Lopez (Class ’01)

Brooke Dooley & Stanford kid

Sarah Pulsen & David Zeigler

Peter Ohlms & _______ *

Megan Blaker & Jeff Meredith *

Megan Brett & ________ *

Nadeesha Jayaratne & __________ *

Wade Barnes & __________ *

Jeanne Cameron & __________ *

Adam Lorentson & Melissa Chun *

Lateesha Wells & ___________ *

Kristen Thiel & __________ *


Laura Castagnino and Mike Parker

Jackie Culver and Peter Lanigan

Gigi Qreshi and Phil Gadiano

John Petersik and Sherry Treitler – I got alot of responses on this one.. thanks for all the help!

David Chu is engaged to Wynn Nyane *

Becky Reber and Andrew James *

OK that’s all I can remember… feel free to add more and help me fill in the blanks!

* – denotes additions from viewers – thanks so much for all the info 🙂

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Rare Stupid Human Trick #1

When there is not much to do on a Saturday afternoon – it’s hot, we cleaned the apartment and don’t want to spend money, you have to find ways to entertain yourself and of course my blog audience.

Check it out!

Once I find some extra cardboard or/and linoleum I’ll try to get some Breakin’ Bernie footage to follow-up. 

! To the Top

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Here’s a real cat fight

Skippy (orange boy) and Domino routinely wrestle while we eat, watch TV, read and pretty much anytime they are both awake and not eating.

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Is bernie a spy?

With all these different looks I think Bernie could be on the next Alias…

Bernie the Gay Bar Bartender Bernie the Caballero Brokeback Bernie Babyface Bernie

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An Intro to Lithography

Lithography is a printing technique where the image areas on a litho stone or plate are chemically treated (etched) to accept ink and repel water and the non-image areas are treated to repel ink and retain water. Grease and water do not mix is the basic principle that comes into effect here. The litho crayons used to draw the images are greasy.  A lithographic press is used to print litho images, using a scraper bar and heavy pressure.

Metal plates such as aluminum and zinc or lithographic stones are used in lithography.  The stones can come in a range of color from white-yellow to gray and blue and different etching strengths are needed for each.

Before drawing on a stone or plate, it must be treated to open up the pores of the surface to accept the greasy materials.  For a stone we grid it down with a levigator for several minutes until the stone is level – which gives quite a good work-out. If the stone is not level then there will pockets in the final print that won’t be there.  To get rid of grease on aluminum plates – we use boiling hot water and soft paper towels to rub the plate for 3 minute intervals 3 times each and allow to dry.  Between each interval we wash off wiht tap water. During this step and until the printing is finished we make sure not to touch the surface of the plate or stone with our fingers.

Before drawing on the surface, a border can be painted to ensure that no ink will be picked up on the surface during printing – this is called masking the edges.  Using a high concentration of nitric acid and gum (7 drop of nitric acid to 1 oz gum) for stone or for aluminum plate – a 1:1 combo of gum and stock solution (this is explained more in next paragraph), we paint a border around the surface with no bubbles using a bamboo brush – that has no metal since we are dealing with acid here. 

Water based media like tuche go on before crayon work.  When in doubt about darkness about image always got darker – the image always looks darker on the plate/stone than when printed. Keep track of what media and which crayons are used where on the image for later etching step.

Once the image onto the plate or stone  the image must be etched.  The etching solution for stone litho is a combination of nitric acid and gum arabic – the levels of acid depend on the drawing strength of the drawing materials used. For aluminum plates the etching solution is a combination of gum arabic and a stock solution that consists of 1 and 1/2 oz of phosphoric acid and 1/2 gal of gum arabic.

So there will be different etching solution concentrations for different drawing effects.  The weaker solution in acid concentration gets applied first with a bamboo brush, and the strongest applied last. Be generous. Get rid of all bubbles and let the solution sit for 3 minutes.  Then get rid of the excess etching solution with newsprint and then buff down with cheesecloth.  After etching let the stone sit for 24 hours – plates you can start printing as soon as etching step is done. 

This next step will be in the next post. 

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