6 Things most people don’t know about me…

August 28, 2006 at 6:20 am Leave a comment

Hey Carter I am finally going to answer your tag…

1. The only OCD thing I do is knock on my head or touch wood if I think I am being jinxed by my own thoughts or someone else’s.

2. A couple of my favorite foods that come to mind right now are: mango cheesecake and sweet corn tamales with cream

3. I hit a kind from my kindergarten class out of a tree in my backyard with a broom when I was 5… I think I wanted him to go home. He was fine though.

4. I generally eat weird meals when I cook at home – meals that tend to be the same color (I think I did mac-n-cheese and cream spinach and orange Gatorade once), really don’t go together or just plain spaghetti.. this is all due to short prep time and being cheap on the budget

5. I am currently undefeated in air hockey.

6. I have a wish that I will live for some period of my life in different parts of the world; but I will end up back in the US. 

 OK I guess now I name 6 people to tag?… although i don’t know many bloggers…

David Thande, Moses, Michael, Janelle, Luke, Karen, Liz?


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Mis suenos = odd A little request

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