Sometimes there is nothing better than making a kid jump.

Another trip tp Nashville means ‘fun’ with my oldest nephew.

I am out of the frame, but he is looking at me.


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Halloween in WeHo

To the Bottom of my site

I wrote a really long blog here that got erased when I tried to publish it and frustration prevents me from trying to write it again.  Maybe later I edit the entry.  What is up with wordpress? because I ran into a few problems today – like signing in a billion times, pretty much every time i navigated to another page.

Anyways I had a great time at the West Hollywood Halloween Block party.  The Wehmer-Wiemer(formally Redding) team had an interesting night. Below are my candid shots of the night.

Man with glass head, YouTube, Tivo, Crazy, Hmmm, Madonna, Mariposa, No Deal, Me 

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Congratulations Carter & Kelly

On Friday November 3rd, Kelly gave birth to her baby Reagan! He is a healthy 8 pound boy! Alex has his first counsin on his momma’s side which makes me an aunt for the second time! Congratulations C & K!!!

Baby Reagan

November 5, 2006 at 8:19 pm 1 comment

Alex and Pimento

I was downloading some of my videos and thought this was a cute one of my nephew. 

Click on the link and then press play.

Launch Innertoob Player

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Windex won’t kill it.

I am seeking possible suggestions on how to get rid of a creepy medium spider that is living in my aloe vera plant in my kitchen without killing the plant.  I sprayed it with Windex on 3 separate occasions but apparently it is a super-spider and is still alive. And yes I hit it with the windex each time and drenched it.  Windex works for ants… so why not spiders.  It is not a black widow but it sure could be a cousin… it is black and lives hovering over the moist soil of the plant pot.  I finally got rid of my ant problem and not this insect needs to go.  Oh I also pulled a tick out of my cat’s chin last week… what’s going on here? I got the whole tick out though… that’s like my 3rd time pulling out a tick (1st time on my own pet) – I’m a pro at that if anyone needs help although I hate ticks more than any insect.. then fleas, then spiders and then ants.

the creepy spider

A side note: That police station that Paris Hilton was locked up in last night is my local police station down the street from my apartment. Ha.. another rich idiot busted.

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A little request

I am hoping that in the midst of clomplete boredom, most likely at work ,that these people will google themselves and find this page and then contact me because I just wonder where they are now.  So here is the list…

Danny Lahti Blum… I haven’t seen you since 9th grade – I miss your jell-o earlobes 

Alex Golden – where did you go after you graduated – UVA ’05; I miss my token J.. ( from the party;))

Chris Voekler – are you still in connecticut?

Elizabeth Odensky – you were a good friend to me in 4th grade

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6 Things most people don’t know about me…

Hey Carter I am finally going to answer your tag…

1. The only OCD thing I do is knock on my head or touch wood if I think I am being jinxed by my own thoughts or someone else’s.

2. A couple of my favorite foods that come to mind right now are: mango cheesecake and sweet corn tamales with cream

3. I hit a kind from my kindergarten class out of a tree in my backyard with a broom when I was 5… I think I wanted him to go home. He was fine though.

4. I generally eat weird meals when I cook at home – meals that tend to be the same color (I think I did mac-n-cheese and cream spinach and orange Gatorade once), really don’t go together or just plain spaghetti.. this is all due to short prep time and being cheap on the budget

5. I am currently undefeated in air hockey.

6. I have a wish that I will live for some period of my life in different parts of the world; but I will end up back in the US. 

 OK I guess now I name 6 people to tag?… although i don’t know many bloggers…

David Thande, Moses, Michael, Janelle, Luke, Karen, Liz?

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